Docooler 2.4G WiFi Wireless SmartWindow Door Window Sensor 

Docooler 2.4G WiFi Wireless SmartWindow Door Window Sensor

Product Information

This Cool Docooler 2.4G WiFi Wireless SmartWindow Door Window Sensor works perfect! and it is easy to use and  put in and use! it's app remote-control. Leading you to a smartlife. 

The Door/Window detector may be a wireless, battery steam-powered hall impact magnetic contact detector, compatiable with two.4G wireless fidelity normal.Change the device's standing can mechanically send signal to the cloud server and associated devices.
Sensor may be wont to trigger scenes and where there's a necessity for info concerning gap or closing of doors, windows, garage doors ,etc.

Opening is detected by separating the sensor's body and therefore the magnet.
Ideal intrusion warning for homes, apartments, mobile homes, dorms, offices, edifice rooms, garages, etc.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa voice management
Compatible with Google Home Assistant
Compatible with IFTTT
Compatible with Tmall voice management

Battery Life: fifteen Times/Day, Last one Year
seven Times/Day, Last two Years
Smartphone App Message
Open/Close/Low battery events alert
Linkage ON/Off connected device.

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